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How to Avoid Undesirable Tenants for Investment Success

For millions of hardworking Australians, investing in real estate is a path to securing long-term financial security.

Property prices in Sydney have experienced unprecedented growth over recent decades. Investors have benefited from significant asset growth over that time and can look forward to comfortable retirements in the years ahead.

Property can be a great investment strategy, but that doesn’t mean it’s free of pitfalls. There are some things you need to watch … Read the full post »

Sydney’s Apartment Market – Still showing strong potential!


It’s all doom and gloom according to the headlines.

Every other day, newspapers report a surplus of large apartment complexes coming to completion, resulting in massive over-supply. It’s apparently leading to large discounting of up to 6.5% by vendors desperate to sell.

However, according to some, the price drops are most acute in the Inner West, owing to a substantial building boom around Sydney Olympic Park, and a noticeable drop-off … Read the full post »

Join the “Rentvesting” Revolution for Wealth Creation


As a first home buyer, it’s never been more challenging to secure your first property.

Consider this; prices in Sydney have risen by a whopping 6,556% since the 1960s – and there’s no doubt that average salaries have not risen by anywhere near that amount!

Getting your foot onto the bottom rung of the property ladder is much harder than when your parents started out. And as we know, property investment … Read the full post »

The weather may be cold, but demand is still hot!


Choosing the right season to list your property can affect the sale price either positively or negatively.

It’s often assumed that spring and summer are the optimal seasons when the brighter sun can make your home look its best, and the warmer weather puts buyers in a good mood.

However, this rule-of-thumb may not apply in all circumstances.

The first rule of every property market is to consider supply and demand.

More listings in … Read the full post »