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“Kidults” – The emerging demographic and demand for a new type of home.

Adult children still living at home with mum and dad. It’s a growing trend that’s having a profound effect on Australian households.

A recent survey by Mozo shows as many as 31% of Australians aged over 18 years fall into this category.

That means there are literally millions of households where the grown-up kids aren’t moving out. As … Read the full post »

Could Going Green Boost Your Sale Price?

Converting your home into an environmentally sustainable one can benefit both the planet and your hip pocket.

The right changes can drastically cut your energy and water bills.

However, when it comes time to sell your home, can its green credentials boost the sale price?

To determine how green your home is, you can visit the Green Housing Scorecard.

This will help determine your home’s green credentials from a … Read the full post »

First-Home Buyers are Back! Here’s what you need to know.

Every market presents opportunities.

Sydney’s softening real estate market continues to attract a lot of media attention. Easing house prices may be a concern for prospective vendors, but even these market conditions come with a silver lining.

For first-home buyers, the current market presents a tremendous opportunity to get their first foot on the property ladder. If you’re looking to sell, it appears that more buyers are starting to enter the market…. Read the full post »


Thinking about moving to Strathfield? One of the best family destinations in the area is Strathfield Park and best of all it’s completely free! This park has a wide range of recreational and sporting facilities including;

•  Synthetic and grass sporting fields sporting fields (used for cricket and soccer)
•  Night lights for sporting fields
•  Basketball, netball and volleyball courts
•  BBQ and picnic facilities
•  Public … Read the full post »

How staging your home for sale can get you a higher price

Fact: First impressions count
Whether you’re applying for a job, meeting a potential client, or on a first date, you’re judged within the first few seconds.

It’s also true when it comes to selling your home.

Fact: We are in a buyers’ market

There are currently more properties for sale than buyers looking to purchase. In Sydney’s current market, you’re competing against many other properties … Read the full post »