Social Surge

Look beyond the traditional property websites!

What is Social Surge?

Social Surge finds both passive and active buyers, many of whom may not be looking on the traditional real estate websites. Tapping into the phenomenal power of Google and Facebook is the most effect way to reach people matching the relevant targeting for your property. For those who are budget-conscious, it’s also great value for money.

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Google Search Ads

A huge number of people use Google search every day to find property – often to save time accessing traditional property websites. By matching these searches to your property, your ads are shown right in the search results and often above the first result.

Google Display Ads

Internet users see Google Display Ads all the time. We use the same types of ads to showcase your property as people browse the net with engaging content that gets more people clicking to learn more about your listing.

Facebook and Instagram Ads

Captivating Social Media ads are an integral part of our Social Surge solution. When used in combination with our uniquely powerful ad targeting and retargeting of ads, we achieve excellent engagement and reach more of the right people with the right message.

Targeting and Retargeting

Advanced targeting matched to your property and area means Social Surge finds more prospective buyers online. When you use Google to search for a product or service and then suddenly you see a bunch of ads in your social newsfeed with the exact same type of product? That’s retargeting!

Expected Results (On Average)

Whilst we work hard to get the maximum exposure for your property, we can not guarantee display or click results, as there are hundreds of variables for each campaign which are constantly changing, however we can give you rough estimate at the kind of results you could expect from a typical “Social Surge” campaign. Each of the levels below have been designed to achieve best “bang for buck”, so no matter what your budget, we have you covered!

Level 1
Facebook Only – 9,000 Displays / 450 Clicks (avg)

Level 2
Facebook + Google Display Ads – 70,000 Views / 550 Clicks (avg)

Level 3
Facebook + Google Display Ads – 123,000 Views / 900 Click (avg)

Level 4
Facebook + Instagram + Google Display Ads + Search – 150,000 Views / 550 Clicks (avg)

Frequently Asked Questions

Social Surge extends your digital reach beyond traditional property portals with highly targeted Google, Facebook & Instagram advertising. It’s a complete digital marketing solution showcasing your property to both passive and active buyers.

Where will my ads be shown?

Google display ads are shown across thousands of sites including most of the popular sites in Australia. We don’t show ads on adult or inappropriate sites. Search ads run within Google search directly. Facebook and Instagram ads are displayed in the newsfeed of highly targeted users with a combination of retargeting audiences, lookalike audiences and behavioural target audiences. We don’t share click leads from your ads with any other 3rd parties.

Do I get input over the campaign and how to target the audience?

We are highly skilled with extensive knowledge in effective digital targeting. We leverage postcodes and behaviours for Google display campaigns to hyper-target local audiences. We employ re-targeting to show ads to Google and Facebook users who have clicked on the ad before or an ad from a similar property. For Google search we have developed a strategic keyword structure, and on average a property campaign will consist of 400 key word combinations.

Of course, if your listing might appeal to a particular market bracket example (Eg. age group or gender), we can add further relevant targeting.

When does my campaign go live?

Once your unique property microsite is live, your Social Surge campaign will be live within 24 to 48 hours.

How long does the property campaign run?

What does the advertisement look like?

There are a great number of advertisement sizes and shapes across each of the companies we advertise with. We will manage this for you. Below are a few examples of what you can expect…

Why do I need a unique property microsite?

Your unique property microsite is developed to ensure we get the best online performance. It allows for effective campaign reporting and the tagging of visitors to create future re-targeting audiences.

What happens if my property sells while a campaign is live?

Congratulations! You just sold your property in lightning speed. If this happens before the end of your campaign, the property is marked as sold on the microsite and any remaining digital ads as well.

Can I see how Social Surge is performing in some kind of report?

Yes! Once the campaign is live, your agent will send you a link to access a real-time dashboard to monitor performance. This will show you demographic information, summarise number of displays and clicks and also provide examples of any social media buzz (comments and likes).

What is an Ad Impression/Display?

This is how often your ad is shown. Ad impressions count each time your ad is shown on the search results page or other site on the Google network, Facebook or Instagram.

What is a click?

When someone clicks an advertisement on Google, Facebook or Instagram and is taken to your property microsite.