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Why all Investors Should Obtain Landlord Insurance

Leasing an investment property is a savvy financial strategy, but it’s not without some element of risk.

Missed rental payments and damaged properties. Pick the wrong tenants and your investment property dreams could quickly spiral into a nightmare.

With highly experienced and dedicated property managers, the chances of this happening are substantially reduced.

We undertake extensive vetting of all prospective renters to help ensure … Read the full post »

How Healthcare Services Impact Property Values


Concord Hospital is set to benefit from a $341 million upgrade that will include specialist services for defence force veterans, additional inpatient capacity and a new cancer centre.

With dilapidated infrastructure, this injection of funding will see the hospital transformed into a world-class medical facility.

A revitalised Concord Hospital will benefit the entire Inner West community. However, what impact will it have for … Read the full post »

New Rental Protections for NSW Tenants

What makes a house a home?

Moving to a new house always requires some adjustment. To ease the transition, many people hang their favourite pictures on the walls. Surrounding yourself with wedding photos and snaps from family holidays help transform the new space into a home by making it feel comfortable and familiar.

However, for renters, this simple task has not been possible … Read the full post »

Devine In Our Local Community


At Devine Real Estate, we love Sydney’s Inner West.

We believe that we and our clients experience real estate success because we share a sense of pride in our local suburbs, which is why our team like to get involved with as many events as we can, supporting and being a part of the community.

Here are a few of the recent festivities … Read the full post »

Springing into the Selling Season

September marks the beginning of the property selling season.

Analysts predict that spring will see the beginning of the turnaround for Sydney’s real estate markets, mainly due to prices and sales volumes stabilising towards the end of winter, following the earlier downturn.

With price discounting having stabilised, it is hoped the warmer weather will see more buyers actively participating in the market, which … Read the full post »

Downsize Without Compromising Lifestyle

Compromising on space does not mean compromising on lifestyle – especially for those looking to downsize to the Inner West!

This trend has become increasingly popular in recent years. Retirees are packing their bags, moving out of the family home, and relocating to apartments. Once the kids have grown up and moved out, empty nesters see little point in continuing to occupy a large, mostly empty, house…. Read the full post »

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