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New Banking Legislation Impacts Interest-Only And Investor Loans

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A rise in certain mortgage rates is already underway with recent actions by the bank regulator putting a handbrake on interest-only home loans. Our finance team, Shore Financial, reports that some of the major banks have been told that less than 30% of new mortgages can be interest-only, a significant decrease to the last reported figures and a … Read the full post »

First Home Owner’s Housing Affordability Package is here!

First Home Owners

First Home Owner’s Housing Affordability Package is here!

Well, it’s the end of June and obviously the most pressing news this coming weekend is that the State Government has put in place what’s known as the First Home Owner’s Housing Affordability Package, which offers financial assistance to help new buyers make their way into the housing market.Well, it’s the … Read the full post »

New Tenant Checklist

What you must know before you sign a lease

At the start of every tenancy you should be given the following by the landlord or agent:

● a copy of this information statement

● a copy of your lease (tenancy agreement)

● 2 copies of the premises condition report (more on that later)

● a bond lodgement form for you to sign, so that it can be lodged with NSW Fair Trading

● keys to your … Read the full post »