How staging your home for sale can get you a higher price

Fact: First impressions count

Whether you’re applying for a job, meeting a potential client, or on a first date, you’re judged within the first few seconds.

It’s also true when it comes to selling your home.

Fact: We are in a buyers’ market

There are currently more properties for sale than buyers looking to purchase. In Sydney’s current market, you’re competing against many other properties for buyers’ attention.

To grab and hold their attention, you need to make your home stand out – in the right way.

Studies suggest that staged properties achieve a final sale price between 7.5% – 12.5% higher than comparable non-staged properties. That’s a powerful incentive to ensure your property is looking its best when open for inspection!

Fact: Staging your property is a powerful way to make it stand out

When it comes to staging your property, you can hire the professionals. They will assess your property and advise what strategy should be adopted.

Your property may only need a few tweaks. Alternatively, it may require more substantial changes. Professional staging companies can bring all their own furniture, soft furnishings, art, pot plants and many other accessories, to make your property look its best.

At a starting cost of around $3,000, this can be a worthwhile investment, as it can potentially add thousands to your ultimate sale price.

Fact: you can do your own DIY staging too

If you prefer to do DIY home staging, here are some key considerations:

• Remove personal items
Family photos and other personal items should be removed. You want to enable buyers to visualise themselves living in the space. If your property is filled with your personal items, buyers may feel they are intruding into someone else’s home, rather than thinking of themselves living in the space.

• Get rid of clutter
We all accumulate too much stuff. But if your property is overly cluttered, potential buyers won’t be able to see past it all to see the features of the property. Spaces will also feel smaller. Do everything you can to make the space feel larger and more open. So, you need to clear countertops, leave just a few key objects on shelves and remove unnecessary pieces of furniture.

• Neutral colour tones
When staging your property, you need to appeal to as broad a market as possible. That’s why it’s best to stick with neutral colours. Overly bright or bold colours may not appeal to many buyers. Whereas a neutral palette will appear as a blank canvas onto which the future buyer will be able to make their mark.

Create a sense of space
In rooms that are too small, swap out large items of furniture for smaller ones, as it will make the room feel larger. On the other hand, a room that is too large may not feel warm and inviting. In this case, use rugs to define specific zones.

Make dark spaces bright
It’s important to make any dark rooms feel brighter. Strategically placed mirrors opposite windows will help bounce natural light around the room. Also, ensure that window coverings are kept to a minimum. But be careful about turning on all the lights and lamps – it may highlight the fact the room is dark.

Bring in a sense of the outdoors
Australians love the outdoors. The use of a few strategically placed pot plants or bunches of fresh flowers will help bring the outdoors inside, making any room feel alive.

How can Devine help you?

When it comes time to list your property on the market, speak to Devine Real Estate. We have decades of experience in the Inner West market and can advise you on the right strategies to ensure your property appeals to local buyers.

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