It Pays to Consider Feng Shui When Selling!


Looking to sell your home in Burwood, Strathfield or Canada Bay?

For most people, the family home is their biggest asset. So when it comes time for you to sell-up, you should approach the selling process the same way you would sell any other asset.

That means you need to understand your target market. You need to make sure the product you’re selling meets the needs and desires of your potential buyers.

When it comes to Burwood, Strathfield and Canada Bay municipalities, one fact about these markets really stands out – the number of people with Chinese heritage.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, nearly 30% of Burwood residents speak Chinese at home. Strathfield and Canada Bay aren’t far behind with 17% and almost 14% respectively.

That means that nearly one-third of your potential market may heavily consider the Feng Shui of the property

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics

Taking a look at those with Chinese ancestry, the numbers are very similar. Obviously, a proportion of this population was born in China, while others were born in Australia. Those born in China represent between 10%-20% of the populations of these municipalities.

These figures are significantly higher than the averages for NSW or Australia – meaning that your area has a large number of people with Chinese heritage.

There’s even more reason to consider Chinese cultural values when marketing your home. Approximately three-quarters of all foreign buyers in Australia are from China. While the overall number of foreign buyers is down due to tighter government regulations, their total investment in 2016 still amounted to $87.6 billion. That’s a lot of potential buyers for your home!

How can you make small changes to create better Feng Shui and ultimately help sell your property?  

You could consider a few relatively minor changes to your home to make it more compatible with the principles of feng shui.

Feng Shui is a system of beliefs about how spaces are situated or organised, and the effects these have on the energy of a property. Good feng shui is not seen, but is felt.

Some feng shui principles, such as situating your home on a hill, are out of your control. However, there are still many relatively easy fixes to improve the feng shui credentials of your property.

Here are a few minor changes you can make to your property to enhance its feng shui:

  • It’s bad luck if any windows look out directly to a lamp post or street light. Simply plant bushes to obstruct the view of the offending light source.
  • If your front and back doors are aligned, this could symbolise any good energy that enters the front, directly exiting the rear. Obstruct the alignment by placing furniture or pot plants between the two doors.
  • Clutter is seen as sapping a space of its good energy. Store away as much as possible.
  • The front door is very important. Make sure there is a well-lit and preferably straight pathway from the curb to the front door.
  • The garden can be filled with lots of plants and flowers – but make sure they are all alive and healthy. Dead foliage will bring bad energy.
  • Bathroom doors and staircases near the front door are bad for transferring any good energy away from the main living areas of the home. Try and conceal these using strategically placed furniture or pot plants.
  • Clean your windows to allow in more light and positive energy.
  • Strategically place mirrors (octagonal ones if possible) as they reflect good energy. But make sure the image the mirror is reflecting isn’t one of clutter or garbage, as this will magnify the negative energies.

To underscore the value of feng shui to many, reports indicate that some potential Chinese buyers are known to bring in a feng shui master to evaluate the property before sale.

A property with the right feng shui can earn an additional $200,000-$300,000 at auction.

Now that’s an incentive to make your home feng shui friendly!

When it comes time to list your property, speak to Devine Real Estate. We are the experts in the Burwood, Strathfield and Canada Bay markets. We will assist you with all you need to consider when selling your asset.




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