Liberty Grove

Liberty Grove is located 16 kilometres west of the Sydney CBD. Liberty Grove is squeezed in between Homebush Bay Drive to the west and the Northern Line railway to the east. It is surrounded by the suburbs of Rhodes to the north, and Concord West to the east and south and shares the same postcode of 2138. The Liberty Grove development won the 1999 Urban Development Institute of Australia award for excellence.

Vehicle access to Liberty Grove is only available from Homebush Bay Drive. If travelling south, there is a turning lane and entrance to the centre of Liberty Grove. If travelling north, take the left hand turnoff that also leads to Rhodes Waterside, and then drive underneath Homebush Bay Drive to access the northern vehicle entrance. As well as the two vehicle entrances, there are two pedestrian entrances, one to the east, leading underneath the railway line to Queen Street, and one to the south, leading to Concord Avenue and King Street. The northern (vehicle) entrance is only a 10 minute walk to Rhodes station and the southern (pedestrian) entrance is only a 10 minute walk to Concord West station.

Local Amenities
• The Liberty Grove complex contains swimming pools, tennis courts, basketball court, gymnasium, village green and parks, function room, convenience store and entrances to Rhodes and Concord West. Rhodes Shopping Centre is only 100m from the northern entrance
  • Suburb:Liberty Grove
  • Postcode:2138
  • Municipality:Drummoyne Council