The weather may be cold, but demand is still hot!


Choosing the right season to list your property can affect the sale price either positively or negatively.

It’s often assumed that spring and summer are the optimal seasons when the brighter sun can make your home look its best, and the warmer weather puts buyers in a good mood.

However, this rule-of-thumb may not apply in all circumstances.

The first rule of every property market is to consider supply and demand.

More listings in your area during the warmer months mean you’ll be competing against many similar homes for sale. If demand is weak at that time, your sale price may suffer.

The winter months often see fewer properties on the market. Fewer properties mean limited supply. Yet there is little evidence that buyer demand also slumps in winter – especially in inner-city suburbs.

With limited supply and solid demand, you can achieve a strong sale price right now, while it’s colder.

The stats clearly bear this out. During winter 2017, Strathfield was the top performing Sydney suburb when it came to units, with a 100% auction clearance rate. To further emphasise how Sydney’s inner west still performs strongly in winter, Rodd Point also made the top 5 Sydney suburbs when it came to house auctions.

Studies consistently show that there is no winter drop-off, and in fact, winter often sees the strongest auction clearance rates.

While the Sydney property market has cooled off in some regard, Winter shouldn’t be an excuse not to sell.

So, what can you do to maximise the appeal of your property during the cold months?

Here are a few tips to ensure your home appeals to buyers this winter:

  • Draw back all the curtains and blinds to allow as much natural light into your property as possible.
  • This is particularly the case with west-facing windows. Whereas the strong afternoon sun can make a room with west-facing windows seem too hot in summer, during the winter months, the sun in the west can make a room glow.
  • Create an ambience of warmth and cosiness. By switching on the heat and turning on all the lamps, you will ensure that your home feels like a comfortable place to spend cold days.
  • Even if you don’t have an open fireplace, try lighting some tea-light candles and clustering them on your dining table. This can instantly make a room seem more atmospheric. Be sure that they are not in a place where they can be easily knocked over.
  • Make sure all outdoor pathways and driveways are swept clean without dead leaves. Your gardens should be filled with evergreen plants.
  • Add inviting touches to your interiors that encourage potential buyers to imagine cosying up with a good book. Think some scatter cushions and throw blankets on the sofa.
  • Bake some bread about an hour before your home opens for inspection. Alternatively, you could grind some freshly roasted coffee beans. These aromas all help create a sense of homeliness that will appeal when it’s cold or wet outside.
  • Place a decorative umbrella bin next to the front door, so buyers can easily leave their wet umbrellas there without dripping water throughout the property.

With demand in Sydney’s inner west fairly strong, even during the cold months, and winter supply levels decreasing, now may be the right time for you to list your property!

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