Tips for Investors looking to ‘ZHOOSH’ up their rental properties

If you are looking to enhance your rental property, you have come to the right place!

Agnitha Thomas, creative director of Fierce Styling, shares her 6 effective tips you can do to get more income out of your rental and appeal more to tenants.

Tip 1) Discus your property, its area and the market with an agent to fully understand who your trying to appeal to and then make your design decisions around that market.

Tip 2) What’s your front garden like? For houses: Investing in low maintenance plants like succulents and natives will give your more bang for your buck. They last longer, don’t need much love and make a great first impression. For units: Make your front door prettier, Give it a trendy lick of paint or freshen up your handle or security screen.

Tip 3) Look at the lighting of your property, if it’s on the dark side create light by selecting the right bulbs and light fixtures. You don’t have to spend a fortune on lighting but adding the right fixtures can add so much value. For example, adding some pendant lights over a kitchen island, feature lights in the living/dining and the master bedroom can make the world of difference. Make sure you stay within the style of your home, so choose something tasteful that blends with the homes features.

Tip 4) How is your kitchen looking? A quick and easy trick you can do to refresh a kitchen is to change the handles and tap ware in your kitchen. In some cases can also in spray your kitchen instead of replacing the joinery.

Tip 5) Invest in good quality carpet, people are more savvy these days, having a cheap looking carpet can cheapen the feel. Investing in a good quality carpet can save you money in the long run.

Tip 6) Always invest in built in robes if you don’t have any in the bedrooms. These days not many people have wardrobes so not having built-ins can put people off renting a place.

For more helpful types or to discuss property styling with Agnitha, the property styling expert, give her a call on 0424 431 348 or follow her on Instagram @FierceStyling

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